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Summer/Fall 2021 Litters:

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This page is for possible pairings and unconfirmed litters.



Unconfirmed litter - Hazel and Marshall will have a litter of chocolate tricolor, black tricolor, and phantom/parti. Pups will be small mediums, around 30-35 pounds. Due mid August, pick up day for this litter is October 7, 2021.


Unconfirmed litter - Mabel and Marshall, 25-30 pounds. Expecting chocolate, black, sable and parti puppies. Pick up day for the litter will be 10/22/21


Unconfirmed litter - Chocolatini and Goliath will be bred for minis, around 20 pounds. Expecting chocolate, black, shades of cream/caramel/red, phantom. Pick up day for this litter will be 11/19/21