These are our current breeding girls that have puppies now or coming up. They live in guardian homes that they will remain with forever, we just retain the breeding rights on them. This enables us to have access to a variety of pedigrees within our program without using kennels. All parent dogs are raised 100% in family homes. We currently have three of our own dogs living with us, they are retired and spayed/neutered.

ALL of our parent dogs are multigeneration Australian Labradoodles.

The Girls
All have passed their health testing for hips, elbows, cardiac, patellas and eye disease, as well as dna clearances for other diseases.


Minburn, IA

Shelby Avenue Kiplee

Kip is a happy girl! She has a wonderful temperament and is very sweet and loving. She has a perfect soft straight fleece coat. Kip has given us two wonderful litters and is going to take early retirement!




large mini
straight fleece
chocolate/cream phantom

Shelby Avenue Gypsy Queen


What can I say about this girl, she is amazing! She is a gentle, loving soul that is exactly the temperament I strive for in my litters. I cannot wait to share her babies with the world!


wavy fleece
chocolate bbEe


The Boys

Our boys are raised in their forever homes with their loving families.

Fort Dodge, IA

Mill Creek's Ollivander

What a handsome boy we have found in Ollivander! He is such a playful, fun loving guy! Ollivander is a sweetie that you can not help but fall in love with, I know I sure have! His puppies have been absolute dreams!


small medium, 18" and 30 pounds
wavy fleece
light chocolate with white
bbEe pra clear

Carroll, IA

Brasken's Prince Oberyn

Meet our lovely caramel addition from sunny California! He is super smart and intuitive, loves everyone and thoroughly enjoys every cuddle he can get! We have been searching for the perfect boy to use with Finn's daughter's, and I think we found him! Obi is a mini Australian Labradoodle, but he is solid as a rock, very stocky!


miniature, 16" 30 pounds
wavy fleece
bbee, IC clear

Webster City, IA

Hales Cowboy

Another California boy! His guardian family calls him Gino. He is lovely boy that thoroughly enjoys everyone. He is chill in the house and playful outside, just what we love to see in our pups! Gino has made some spectacular babies, both in looks and temperament.



Miniature, 16", 20 pounds
straight fleece
chocolate tuxedo/parti

Sunset Hills Megastar

Imported from Australia  

Griffin is not available for stud service

Size    medium 18" - 32 pounds
Coat   wavy soft fleece  non shedding
  lavender  (dna color bbEE)

Griffin is semi-retired!  We have several breedings worth of frozen semen stored from him for future use.  Great job Griffin, you have left a a great legacy of stunning progeny to move forward with, you truly were a blessing to my program!

Cedar Falls, IA

Shelby Avenue Ulysses

Uly is full of fun and loves to play! However, he is very willing to give some cuddle time whenever you need it! Love this boy! Dainty is not a word to describe Uly, he is thick and solid, heavy for a small boy, but very nicely put together.


mini, 16 inches, 27 pounds
wavy fleece
dark chocolate phantom, non fading
IC clear, bbEe, Ky/Ky at/at, carries parti

In a guardian home in Walford, IA

Shelby Avenue Mile High Valentine

Milo is amazing! He is smart and loves to play, very attentive with great eye contact. Milo is a petite boy, our smallest stud, but he does not know it, he thinks he is 50 pounds. We are so happy to have this line back! I thought it was lost when I sold our chocolate merle boy, Maverick! Milo will sire a limited number of litters with some of our smaller girls.



petite mini, 15 pounds
wavy fleece
phantom merle

Mac lives in a guardian family in Roland, IA

Shelby Avenue Macklin

Mac is a handsome, easy going boy with so much potential! I am looking forward to watching him grow up with his loving guardian family.




medium, 35 pounds
straight fleece
chocolate phantom, bbEe

in a guardian home in Carroll, IA

Shelby Avenue Grand Marshall

What a wonderful boy we have here! Watch for updates on Marshall as he grows!



16-17" and 25 pounds
straight/wavy fleece coat
chocolate parti tricolor
IC clear

in a guardian home in Clare, IA

Fairytale Lane Goliath

His guardian family calles him Luigi. This little guy is just amazing! He is so happy and loves everyone. I am so happy to be adding him to my program! Watch for updates as he grows. He should be ready to roll by the end of 2020.



15" and 25 pounds
wavy fleece coat
IC clear, at/at kbky Bbee