Guardian Home Information

Guardian Homes are a great opportunity for the right family. I use guardian homes so that I can further my breeding program without having too many dogs at my own home.  Guardianships enable breeding dogs to live one on one with a family while they are participating in my program.  They are loved and cared for by the same family they will be living with when they retire. Guardian Dogs are placed with a minimal upfront fee, and are paid a small stipend for each litter their girl has

Guardians must not have any other intact dogs for the entire duration of the guardian contract (spayed or neutered pets are fine). Our guardian dogs are placed in NON Smoking homes only. Guardian  homes are responsible for taking their dog to have his/her eyes tested annually at an approved location (at my expense).

Female guardian dogs are usually under contract for 4 litters.  I usually will breed them back to back twice so they may retire early, unless my vet recommends differently or timing doesn't work out for me (overlapping litters, etc).  The contract may be shortened if I decide no more litters are desired out of the girl.  Guardians of females are required to alert me to when their girl is coming into season, and make her available to me for the breeding process.

All guardian moms are required to feed the same food we use until they are retired. We feed Life's Abundance! (All Life Stage Dry Dog Food)

Male dogs are contracted for a period of time rather than a number of litters. Guardians of male dogs must have the boy available as needed for natural breedings, or for semen collection by a repro vet.

I am currently seeking guardian homes for the following dogs...

Merle tricolor medium Bernedoodle female
ready early June
I expect this beautiful girl to be around 40-50 pounds. She has a gorgeous coat and is super sweet.



MALE Bernedoodle
This handsome boy is ready to go the 2nd week in June. I expect he will be 40-55 pounds. He is tricolor but his markings aren't showing well in this picture, I will update it soon. Close to Fort Dodge is preferred for males, however I will also do placement in the Des Moines area for this boy since my repro vet is in Urbandale.

Mini Australian Labradoodle

There is a chance I will have a mini dark caramel/red girl with white markings available in early July. I will be evaluating breeding quality later in June.




Medium Australian Labradoodle
Depending on what Willow has in her litter, I may possibly keep a female and/or a male from her litter of large mediums, around 40 pounds. They would be ready in early September.


Mini Australian Labradoodle
If Minuet and Zeus were successful in their pairing, I will likely keep back a male and/or female from the litter. They would be large minis, ready Labor Day weekend.









Temporary Guardian Homes...

Occasionally I will hold back a puppy that I feel is breeding quality, but not neccessarily needed in my program. In order to offer these pups to approved breeders, I would like them to have their health screening started. These tests will usually begin around 16 weeks old.  Temporary guardians are homes that care for these puppies until and while they are getting their testing underway, raising them indoors as family companions, usually until about 5-6 months old.  If health testing is not passed, puppies may be offered to these guardians as altered pets, for a discounted adoption fee.  If they pass, puppies will be sold to approved breeders that will raise them in a home environment.  Temporary guardians must understand and accept the fact that they are only a temporary home for the puppy, and be very willing to let him/her leave when the time comes.  This is not for everyone!  After a puppy does leave, another temporary guardianship may be started, or a permanent one. Guardians are responsible for socializing, housebreaking, and puppy manners. This is a great way to earn a little extra money AND have the loving companionship of a sweet natured pick of the litter puppy for a couple of months!
Temporary guardians are paid for their time when the agreed upon time is over-
amount to be decided by individual contract

I have the following opportunities available for temporary guardian homes...

Please email if you are interested in having a puppy for the summer! I have a few candidates available for placement!