Puppies are given a wonderful start here in our home, we are proud to use Early Neurological Stimulation/Superdog techniques to give you a well rounded puppy that will thrive with your family after leaving Shelby Avenue. Our puppies are 100% home raised, no kennels or "facilities".


A quick note about deposits - Please be aware that I am consistently in contact with dozens of people inquiring about puppies.  There is a good chance I am emailing with several families about the puppy you are interested in.  Please understand that until I receive a deposit, I can not hold a puppy for you.  I also can not hold multiple puppies for you to choose from with a paid deposit.  If you are undecided about which puppy you want, someone else has the opportunity to purchase any puppy on your list until you make your decision.

Please email me if you are interested in adding one of these perfect pooches to your family!

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It's Puppy Time!!

Please see upcoming litter page for puppies ready later this winter.


Ready in November -

Chocolatini and Goliath have a litter of miniature Australian Labradoodles in apricot/caramel and black. These pups should mature to around 20-25 pounds. There is availability in this litter.

Click here to view this litter!!



Unborn -
Miniatures - Coconut and Goliath, phantom/tricolor, black, chocolate, possibly red/caramel, some will have white chests/muzzles/toes. 20-25 pounds. Ready Christmas 2021



Unborn -
Mediums- Misha and Cowboy, Chocolates, phantoms and cream/caramels, possibly parti/tri. around 35 pounds, though we could get some smaller pups as well.
Ready Christmas 2021







Interested in a Labradoodle but don't want the price tag? If you are within a reasonable driving distance from Fort Dodge, Iowa, contact me about becoming a GUARDIAN HOME for a breeding dog for a lower price than regular puppy pricing. You keep the dog at your home, she comes to me for breeding and whelping of 3-4 litters, then she is spayed and yours forever. I pay all medical costs related to breeding and to complete health testing, you pay for routine vet care.


Payment policy:

Deposits are $500, with balance due at 5 weeks old.  Puppies sold after 4 weeks old must be paid in full at time of sale, unless paying cash at time of pickup has been arranged. Please visit our Pricing/payments page for more info.


Please note - all size estimates are just that - estimates.  I do not, can not, guarantee the adult size/weight of your puppy. I can tell you the size I expect them to be at maturity based on parents and previous litters. They may end up being slightly larger or smaller than anticipated, but I do feel my expectations of them are pretty accurate.

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We feed PawTree! A premium food delivered right to your door.
Order in advance to be sure you have it on hand when your new puppy comes home!

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